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My favourite Network Radios from 2017

I tried many network radios. So far, the Inrico TM-7 and the Talkpod N58 are my top choices! I have a feeling that in 2018, network radios will be the big hype of amateur radio! And you, which one is your favourite?

The Inrico TM-7 wins for its innovative mobile concept. A simple almost-obvious concept that is a hell of an idea! Robust and well designed. I must congratulate Inrico for their inspiration!

The Talkpod N58 was released in the last days of the year and I am already 100% convinced. First, it has a modern design. Second, the audio quality makes some Yaesu or Icom almost feel embarrassed. I doubt if a Motorola will sound better than this Talkpod. Bear in mind that these radios are targeting the professional market. The details, the design, everything has been built with impressive detail and high quality materials. It’s not the cheapest radio out there, but it is worth every single cent!

I am really excited with this new concept and, from me, you can always expect my passion on this job and my commitment and best efforts to give you an outstanding support. Thanks for all your trust along this amazing year!

I wish you a Happy New Year fulfilled with health, love and some money – to buy some radios 🙂

73 de CT1EIZ
Duarte Braga


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Inrico TM-7 socket pinout (mic) by OK8NWO

Inrico TM-7 socket pinout (mic) by OK8NWO


As I drive but don’t like curly cable I decided to try to make up a lead with a condenser mic that I could leave in position discrete.
I added a tx switch but really as I use a btooth tx button its not so needed but i wired it anyhow.

Pinouts 1 Gnd 2 Audio in 7 Tx

These work at least in Zello.

Maby you have a pinout already but heres my hatchet cable for the car. I used an ethernet wire which I will place on steering rack/column with mic facing me on wheel.
I used a spare rj45 socket and glued mic and switch to it.

Probably theres a tidier way to do this but this works.

I checked the continuity between pins 1&7 and when the supplied mic “keys” there is a resistance of 1kohm. This may matter so I suggest doing same if you make up a cable like this.

So I made up a second RJ45 socket with added resistor from pin 7 to switch. Then added a spare condenser mic and it works fine.

Regards David




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TalkPod N58 – Find a new hamradio world

Modern hams are delighted with the benefits of the International Radio Network (IRN), that allows them to keep in touch with the hamradio community through a vast network of RF links (you need a hamradio license to transmit on them).

The new TalkPod N58, a PTT-enabled Android device, with a unique exciting style, turns IRN even more fun. With this small IP Radio, you can be in touch with all your ham friends, no matter where you are in the world. By connection to a WiFi hotspot, or using a GSM signal, you will be connected with an amazing sound quality.

The TalkPod N58 can be purchased from or and starts shipping in mid-January. Orders will be shipped on a first come first served basis.

Old-school typical question: Is this still hamradio? Read this article.

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My landlord does not allow antennas

My landlord does not allow antennas. So I left prejudice behind and moved to IRN. And I love it!
Learn more about IRN for hams

You need a valid Hamradio license to transmit on live repeaters! Why don’t you try for yourself? It’s free. You may start with a smartphone. There is no need to buy any gear! All you need is a smartphone.

You might even win a FREE network radio with an embedded UHF FM Transceiver. Learn how!

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F22 in Summer & RT4 in Winter!

If you have a valid hamradio license, you can transmit on the live repeaters around the world. What are you waiting for? Keep in touch with your ham community ANYWHERE on the globe! As far as you have internet connection, either by WiFi, 3G or 4G, using a network radio was never so easy to access a global network of amateur radio: The IRN – International Radio Network that combines DMR, Echolink, AllStar and analogue repeaters all together. This global network is growing at an incredible speed.

You will experience Crystal and loud sound, amazing looks, batteries that last for days. You can, for example, cross-country by, without ever loosing signal and worrying which repeater frequencies to use.

Picture below: Radio-Tone RT4 on a rainy day.