Inrico TM-7 3G/WiFi IRN Mobile Network Radio (Android unlocked)

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This version has pure Android. Beware of competition who sells firmware versions that will not allow to install apps from the PlayStore. If you already purchased from a different vendor, you need to install the TM-7 Unlocked firmware to download the popular ham radio apps.

The Inrico TM-7, a best seller network radio is the first mobile network Radio. Great for amateur radio use with the new IRN platform, for Zello, Team Speak 3 and Echolink via 3G or WiFi. And it works as WiFi hotspot too!

This network radio is fully compatible with the International Radio Network (IRN) and with the new Echolink for Android.

This network radio is fully compatible with the International Radio Network (IRN)

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The Inrico TM-7, a best seller network radio, and also known as BM500 from Broadnet, is the first mobile network POC Radio. Great for amateur radio use with the new IRN platform, for Zello, Team Speak 3 and Echolink via 3G or WiFi. And it works as WiFi hotspot too!

Check the Inrico TM-7 PTT4U professional version.
Is this still hamradio? Read this article. The TM7 can also be used to listen to the police, fire department and many other transmissions. Learn how.
It is also fully compatible with APRS. Learn more on setting up APRS on the Inrico TM-7.

The Inrico TM-7 is a network radio. It does not have a VHF or UHF RF module.

Learn 5 Things you can do with an Inrico TM-7 Transceiver

This network radio version is fully compatible with the International Radio Network (IRN)

To transmit on the Ham repeaters, you need to hold a valid hamradio license. In order to use this radio on IRN, you need to follow these steps and, after that, configure the audio settings. Under the RECORD tab, select “Mic” and you are all set.

You can program the key buttons to any function you like, by following a simple procedure. Also, read this article, if you want to use a different microphone.

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Intelligent GSM intercom + stereo speakers

GPS + Compass precise navigation and positioning
Military quality
■ Music
■ Video
■ Browser
■ Google search and Maps
■ Navigation





WCDMA(2100MHz) / GSM(850/900/1800 MHZ )In the US, only AT&T and T-Mobile will support 3G. It works fine in GSM networks.


MTK 6572A

Operating System

Android 6.0


512M+4G(Optional: 1G+8G)

Extended Memory

Up to 32Gb

Screen TP display

IPS2.45”  240*32



Input Power



Optional; external camera 200W

Speaker + Mic

45Diameter speaker,7W




MICRO 5PIN date cable

Media player

Supporting MP3/MP4

(stabdard battery,without antenna)


(Standard battery and antenna)



Inrico TM-7 Instructions Guide

6 reviews for Inrico TM-7 3G/WiFi IRN Mobile Network Radio (Android unlocked)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    CT1EIZ (verified owner)

    This is the best network radio ever!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    CT1EIZ (verified owner)

    Check a nice video review here:

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Simon Templar

    This is the way Zello was meant to be used. A true walkie-talkie experience!!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tim 2E0CXQ

    Very pleased with this ,well made radio. worked straight out of the box once connected to wifi. The only challenge is inputting information as the onscreen keyboard which is small and with big fingers it took some effort. I have zello working, no issues. I have installed IRN teamspeak 3 just need to see how I can assign the PTT for that application. Also found your videos on YouTube very useful, thank you.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    Delighted with this fantastic little radio! Audio quality is superb on both reception but I’ve had very positive feedback on how my Tx sounds. overall very pleased. I would recommend this radio. I use this in the car, using a Three MiFi dongle, just love it! 73 Tim 2E0CXQ

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    alex M6SSZ

    Some people would say its a glorified mobile phone well sort off until you hit the repeater stations and you have to be a qualified ham op to use it

    Nice tidy thing well built easy transportable get on the air anywhere in the world with the GPS antenna so no need to worry about if you have a signal
    If you are very restricted to putting up a antenna where you live like in a flat then this is great
    The screen could do to be a little bigger other than that brilliant it is just one of those radios you got to have
    As for the shop SOUND OF ANGELS well the service is spot on and they keep you up to date on the progress of your order i got mine in 7/9 working days
    Very helpful in everyway possible and although the postage is heavy in price but it is DHL so you will get it as they keep you informed from start to finish
    I am very happy with it and i am a ham radio op there is a new world to discover with this radio its just the finding them once you have then its all opened up for you
    a quick example in the UK parked at the supermarket in Newcastle upon Tyne talking to someone in Seattle no swr no antenna tuners no big Ariel’s just a small black box on the dashboard the size of a matchbox

    Well there we have it great service from the shop nice radio works well


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