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Generate a codeplug for your radio based on your region

Generating a codeplug for your DMR radio has never been so easy.

What is a codeplug?

A DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) codeplug is essentially a configuration file used in DMR radios, which contains all the settings and information required for the radio to operate correctly within a DMR network. This includes frequencies, talk groups, channels, zones, contacts, and various other settings that are necessary for the radio to communicate effectively on the DMR system.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the key components typically found in a DMR codeplug:

1. **Channels**: These are the individual settings for each frequency or talkgroup your radio can access. Each channel contains specific information such as the frequency, color code, time slot, and talk group ID.

2. **Zones**: Zones are essentially groups of channels. This allows the user to organize channels in a way that makes sense for their use case, such as grouping all channels related to a specific area or function together.

3. **Contacts**: In DMR, contacts are usually the IDs associated with individual users or talk groups. A talk group is a way of organizing calls, where only radios programmed with the same talk group ID can listen to or participate in the conversation.

4. **Radio ID**: This is a unique number assigned to each radio on the DMR network. It identifies the user on the network, allowing for calls to be directed to specific radios if needed.

5. **Privacy Settings**: Some codeplugs may include settings for encryption or privacy to secure communications.

6. **GPS and Text Messaging Settings**: If the radio supports it, the codeplug can include configurations for GPS location sharing and text messaging over the DMR network.

Creating or editing a codeplug requires specific software that is often provided by the radio manufacturer. The software allows users to customize their radio’s settings for their specific needs, whether for amateur radio use, commercial applications, or emergency services. Given the complexity and the need for precise configuration to ensure interoperability and effective communication, creating a codeplug can be quite detailed and technical.

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Available Regions in USA:
Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

US Commonwealth and Territories

American Samoa District of Columbia Federated States of Micronesia Guam Marshall Islands Northern Mariana Islands Palau Puerto Rico Virgin Islands

Australia Ireland South Africa New Zealand Scotland Southwest UK

List of radios to install the codeplug

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Emergency Plug and Play Package

A Preprogrammed Package Designed to Prepare you for Anything!

A comprehensive solution for instant digital radio access, This bundle includes the AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus radio, SkyBridge Plus Hotspot, Nagoya NA-771 15.6-Inch Whip Antenna, BCS-200 Water-Resistant Speaker Mic, and Emergency Frequencies Card. Designed for swift deployment, you’re instantly equipped for any scenario, ensuring you’re prepared for whatever comes next.

The Emergency Plug and Play Package Includes:

  • AnyTone AT-D878UVIIPLUS ($329.99)
  • SkyBridge Max Dual-Band Hotspot ($424.99)
  • Plug and Play Programming ($75)
  • Nagoya NA-771 15.6-Inch Whip (144/430Mhz) Female Antenna ($29.99)
  • BCS-200 Water-Resistant Speaker Mic ($29.99)
  • Emergency Frequencies Card ($14.99)
  • 2x BridgeCom University Video Training Courses ($194 – Yours FREE)
  • 878UVII Plus Radio Accessories: BT PTT Button , Programming Cable , Charging Cradle , Belt Clip , Strap, Battery, Stock Antenna, Manual
  • SkyBridge Plus Hotspot Accessories: Car Power Adapter, Power Cable, Power Bank, Wall Power Adapter, Ethernet Cable, Antenna
  • 878UVII Plus Radio Accessories included (Battery & Belt Clip, Wall Charging Kit, Programming Cable, Wrist Strap, PTT Button, and USB cable)

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Multi-Band Receiver: FM, AM, SW, CB, VHF, UHF, WX, AIR with SSB

Multi-Band Reception: Seamlessly access a wide range of frequencies including FM, AM, SW, CB, VHF, UHF, WX, AIR with SSB. Tailored for global use with easy tuning to meet regional standards.

Precision Tuning: Experience precise frequency adjustment with dual knobs featuring a satisfying click, or use quick-tune buttons for convenience. Store up to 1600 channels for easy navigation.

Dual Display Clarity: A 3.54-inch main screen provides essential reception details, complemented by a secondary screen for signal strength and time. Enjoy a dynamic music light show in sync with your tunes.

Remote App Control: Command your radio effortlessly with our intuitive app. Single-handed operation meets powerful wireless functionality for seamless control from your smartphone.

Powerful Audio and Battery: The RF919 features a robust 5000mAh battery, Bluetooth connectivity, micro SD support, and a potent 20W speaker system for a superior audio experience. Private listening is just a 3.5mm jack away.

Superior Antenna Connectivity: Enhance your listening with three external antenna options for unmatched clarity across all bands. Enjoy superior sound quality, no matter your location.

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AnyTone 578UVIII PLUS Tri-Band Mobile Radio

This powerhouse device is not just a radio; it’s your ticket to unparalleled connectivity, performance, and a treasure trove of features that will elevate your amateur radio experience to new heights. Here’s why every amateur radio operator will want to make the AnyTone 578UVIII PLUS their next major acquisition

Unmatched Tri-Band Flexibility

Imagine having the freedom to navigate through 144MHz, 220MHz, and 440MHz bands seamlessly. The AnyTone 578UVIII PLUS offers this tri-band capability, opening up a world of possibilities for reaching out across vast distances, exploring new frequencies, and connecting with a diverse community of radio enthusiasts.

Power That Speaks Volumes

With up to 50 watts on VHF and 45 watts on UHF, the AnyTone 578UVIII PLUS ensures your voice is heard loud and clear, no matter the distance. This high power output is your best ally in maintaining crystal-clear communication, even in the most remote or challenging environments.

Cutting-Edge Features at Your Fingertips

Step into the future of amateur radio with GPS, APRS, and Bluetooth connectivity. Pinpoint your location with exact precision, share real-time data effortlessly, and enjoy hands-free operation for safer driving experiences. These advanced features not only enhance your radio adventures but also bring a level of convenience and safety that’s hard to match.

Extend Your Reach with Cross-Band Repeat

The AnyTone 578UVIII PLUS isn’t just a radio; it’s a lifeline that extends your reach beyond the horizon. Thanks to its cross-band repeat functionality, you can bridge communication gaps, ensuring your message gets through when direct contact isn’t possible. It’s like having your own personal relay station at your fingertips.

Visual Clarity Meets Intuitive Control

Navigate through features, menus, and settings with ease on the large, vibrant color display. This user-friendly interface is designed for quick access and readability, ensuring you’re always in control, even in low-light conditions.

Built to Last

Crafted for the amateur radio operator on the move, the AnyTone 578UVIII PLUS boasts a rugged design that can withstand the bumps and jolts of mobile use. Its durability ensures that your investment is protected, making it a reliable companion for all your journeys and operations.

Memory Channels Galore

Never run out of space for your favorite frequencies and contacts. With an extensive array of memory channels, the AnyTone 578UVIII PLUS allows you to store and access a vast number of channels with ease, making it simpler than ever to stay connected.

Tailored to Your Needs

The AnyTone 578UVIII PLUS is all about giving you control. With its straightforward programming and customization options, you can mold the radio to fit your unique needs and preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned operator or new to the hobby, setting up your radio for optimal performance has never been easier.

In essence, the AnyTone 578UVIII PLUS Tri-Band Mobile Radio is not just an investment in a piece of equipment; it’s an investment in a richer, more connected amateur radio experience. With its unbeatable combination of power, versatility, and cutting-edge features, it’s the radio that every amateur operator will not just want, but need, to take their passion to the next level. Don’t just communicate; connect, explore, and thrive with the AnyTone 578UVIII PLUS.

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Portable Telescopic Antenna | VHF/HF(6M-80M) | 3.5-50MHZ

*sold by Radioddity

Portable Powerhouse:
 Unleash your ham radio adventures with a portable design and detachable split structure. Storage length is a mere 78 cm / 30.7 in, making it effortlessly mobile and perfect for outdoor POTA excursions.

Versatile Multi-Band Coverage: Explore 6-80 Meters across eight bands, catering to diverse needs. Achieve optimal performance with SWR as low as 1.0-1.5 on different bands, ensuring clear communication in various frequency ranges.

Effortless Frequency Adjustment: Enjoy effortless tuning with our plug-and-play design. Simply switch the jumper cable and adjust the antenna length to access different bands with ease.

Built to Last: Crafted from high-quality materials, this antenna stands sturdy and windproof, ensuring reliability in any outdoor setting.

User-Friendly Setup: The antenna comes with an L-type screw wrench for easy length adjustments. Be sure to have your soft ruler(not included) for precise measurements, guaranteeing the best results during use.

High Power Capable: The antenna can withstand a PEP of up to 200W (SSB) and 100W (CW)