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Using Echolink with Inrico TM-7

Echolink operation is possible with the Inrico TM-7. But until the developers of Echolink add the possibility to map the PTT button of the radio to key transmission, you need to tap the touchscreen once to start transmitting, and tap again to stop. From a usability perspective, it works fine. We are just not used with the technique. Anyway, we are hams! We always like improvising!

You can always send an e-mail to Echolink and request such functionality!

Note: To install Echolink on your TM-7, you will need to install an app called “Set Orientation”. You need to have it set to “Reverse landscape”. You will understand why! 🙂

Enjoy the video below.

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Amateur Radio Black Friday

Why shouldn’t amateur radio ops enjoy SUPER DISCOUNTS with Black Friday? Check the following selected deals!

Inrico TM-7 – The First Mobile Network Radio
It’s 3G/WiFi capable and it became already our bestseller!
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RFinder M1 – by far the most advanced DMR Android Radio ever built. Forget about programming Code Plugs. With the RFinder M1 all is as easy as point & click! Updated database of the worldwide repeaters (analog & digital)

Get your RFinder M1 with FREE Shipping, using code BLACKFRIDAY

Available from – The official distributor of RFinder.

The amazing 4G/WIFI Radio-Tone RT4 is exceeding the expectations! Very robust and an amazing option to access the IRN amateur network. The audio quality is amazing and you can get an instant discount of $20 using code RADIODISCOUNT
Available from
Would you fancy a 15W FM Stereo Broadcasting Transmitter? Meet the Tivdio with PLL and LCD.

Frequency range: 87-108 MHz
Normal price: $249
Available from for $199
Note: Check local legislation regarding the use of this transmitter.

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My landlord does not allow antennas

My landlord does not allow antennas. So I left prejudice behind and moved to IRN. And I love it!
Learn more about IRN for hams

You need a valid Hamradio license to transmit on live repeaters! Why don’t you try for yourself? It’s free. You may start with a smartphone. There is no need to buy any gear! All you need is a smartphone.

You might even win a FREE network radio with an embedded UHF FM Transceiver. Learn how!

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F22 in Summer & RT4 in Winter!

If you have a valid hamradio license, you can transmit on the live repeaters around the world. What are you waiting for? Keep in touch with your ham community ANYWHERE on the globe! As far as you have internet connection, either by WiFi, 3G or 4G, using a network radio was never so easy to access a global network of amateur radio: The IRN – International Radio Network that combines DMR, Echolink, AllStar and analogue repeaters all together. This global network is growing at an incredible speed.

You will experience Crystal and loud sound, amazing looks, batteries that last for days. You can, for example, cross-country by, without ever loosing signal and worrying which repeater frequencies to use.

Picture below: Radio-Tone RT4 on a rainy day.