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Add Motorola-like sounds to your Zello radio

Using Zello is exciting! With a network radio like the TM-7 or the T298s is even more exciting. But if you add real world trunking end-of-transmission sounds, it will give you a sense of true radio operation.

End of any transmission (mine and 3rd party):

Start of my transmission:

Beginning of 3rd party transmission:

Download here the full sound library for your radio. Watch the final result using a Sure F22.

2 thoughts on “Add Motorola-like sounds to your Zello radio

  1. hi what is in zello radios in difrent to the TYT MD-380? works my codeplug from the md-380 in zello, and working under Brandmeister in europe between Switzerland? 73 de HB3YDM Martin

  2. Hallo Martin. Zello ist eine App die auf IOS und android läuft. Wir sprechen hier von frei konfigurierbaren Gruppen, ausserhalb des Amateurfunk. Das IRN Network läuft über die App Teamspeak 3. kannst mich für weitere Infos per PN kontaktieren. Gruss HB9DVY

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