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Inrico TM-7 Network Mobile Radio – Part 1 – Overview & Setup

The video below features an excellent in-depth review of the Inrico TM-7 by Ringway Manchester – I truly recommend that you subscribe their channel, as it is full of nice videos about network radios.


2 thoughts on “Inrico TM-7 Network Mobile Radio – Part 1 – Overview & Setup

  1. Be nice if this site stopped pretending that Zello is the only excellent PTT service out there. How about more coverage for the others like Voxer, Eschat, Azetti, Kodiak, ProPTT2? Sure, some are paid for apps but expand your coverage a bit, I’m sure many enthusiasts would appreciate it.

    1. Many of the shown videos are public on youtube. We are happy to share other brands, should the community using those brands get in touch with us and sending us videos to share.
      Most of our users come from the hamradio community, where Zello and TeamSpeak are the most popular apps.

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