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5 Things you can do with an Inrico TM-7 Transceiver

There are so many things you can do with an Inrico TM-7. All you need is a GSM or WiFi connection.

DMR Hotspot Control
You can install BlueDV and use your Inrico TM-7 to control a DVMega hotspot.

APRS Operation
Adding full APRS capability is piece of cake. Just install APRSDroid to your TM-7 and share your location in realtime.

Echolink Operation
Using Echolink with this network radio opens the world to you. Choose any link or available conferences. Have QSOs whenever you want. 24/7!

IRN Operation
One of the most popular modes with the TM-7. The IRN is an exciting hub that connects hams to many networks, like Allstar, Echolink and DMR. 

Scanning Operation
Install the free app Broadcastify and transform your TM-7 into a worldwide scanner receiver of police, fire department, ATC and other public service communications.

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Inrico TM-7 from Newcastle (UK) to Seattle (US) by MI6SSZ

Some people would say its a glorified mobile phone well sort off until you hit the repeater stations and you have to be a qualified ham op to use it

Nice tidy thing well built easy transportable get on the air anywhere in the world with the GPS antenna so no need to worry about if you have a signal
If you are very restricted to putting up a antenna where you live like in a flat then this is great
The screen could do to be a little bigger other than that brilliant it is just one of those radios you got to have
As for the shop SOUND OF ANGELS well the service is spot on and they keep you up to date on the progress of your order i got mine in 7/9 working days
Very helpful in everyway possible and although the postage is heavy in price but it is DHL so you will get it as they keep you informed from start to finish
I am very happy with it and i am a ham radio op there is a new world to discover with this radio its just the finding them once you have then its all opened up for you
a quick example in the UK parked at the supermarket in Newcastle upon Tyne talking to someone in Seattle no swr no antenna tuners no big Ariel’s just a small black box on the dashboard the size of a matchbox

Well there we have it great service from the shop nice radio works well


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