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Win a free Inrico T298s 3G/Wifi + UHF Radio (400-470 MHz)

This is your great chance to win a free UHF network transceiver – the best seller Inrico T298s 3G/Wifi + UHF Radio (400-470 MHz)

You don’t have to buy anything. All you have to do is to register in our newsletter with your callsign and you get a free entry to the sweepstake that will occur on the 31/12/2017.

We will contact the winner by e-mail so make sure you add our e-mail address to your contacts so it will not end up in the spam folder. Our e-mail address is

But you can increase your chances to win, by earning additional free entries to the sweepstake! See how you can get extra entries:

Once you register you get your unique code and you just need to share with your friends. Look how you can increase your chances:

Each referred signup +100 entries
Share on Facebook +10 entries
Share on Twitter +10 entries
Share on Google+ +10 entries
Share on WhatsApp +10 entries
Each referred visitor +1 entry
Share on LinkedIn +1 entry
Share on Pinterest +1 entry

Just register below. Once you do it, you can check how many entries you have accumulated! Good luck!

11 thoughts on “Win a free Inrico T298s 3G/Wifi + UHF Radio (400-470 MHz)

  1. I would love to win this. My Baofeng gave out on me… Now I have no way to access repeaters.. or anything else for what it’s worth.

  2. Would be nice to win this radio

  3. How do you enter to win

    1. Just subscribe the newsletter.

  4. that looks promising, i hope i can test this trx extensively soon.

  5. Looks Good I want one

  6. Good luck to all who enter. Great prize to win

  7. I wood like to win this prize

  8. Ham radio is about experimentation and it would be great to try something new like this and review it and provide feedback to the manufacturer.

  9. Would love to win this. Going for my foundation license and this would be amazing!!

  10. Thank you to the chance to win one of these awesome

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