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Add GPS tracking to your Network Radio using a RadioTone RT4

The Radio-Tone RT4 comes with an embedded software solution that allows to check the whereabouts of your co-workers, friends or other Hams.

Either you use it for work with apps like Zello, or for the hamradio hobby with IRN, the RadioTone is the most advanced network handheld radio. It features a robust case with the looks of a modern Motorola. Its battery lasts forever and the speaker delivers an amazing loud and crystal clear sound.


The RT4 PTT Smartphone is a license-free product and it has no distance limitations unlike traditional radios. It is suitable for 3G, 4G and Wifi Network, with High-accuracy GPS Antenna with Online Positioning Software Included. Instant location can be tracked by different platforms (PC and smartphones). Owners can track Location History and Speed of any phones; there will be an alarm and notifications for any phone if out of geofence, set by the network owner.

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