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Hamradio on a train

We all love talking to the hamradio comunity, right? What if you could keep in touch with other hams, when travelling with your handheld and without access to a local repeater?
Imagine a cross country, long train ride full of nice and relaxing QSO’s.
The other day, RedBull Air Race came to Oporto, Portugal. As I live in Lisbon, I decided to take the 300 kms ride by train to watch the race. I took my handheld network radio with me. It looks just like a conventional handheld transceiver. But it’s not. It is a cellphone with a PTT button. With TeamSpeak 3 installed and tuned into the IRN – International Radio Network, I was connected to my favourite hamradio Talk Group: The Guild QSO channel. I tell you… What a fantastic ride. Well, I must admit, I love a nice cross-country train ride. I just sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the views through my window, while talking to my ham friends. Luckly, this train offered free Wi-Fi connection, but I could also have used my 3G dataplan.
I know this is far from conventionl hamradio, but things are evolving. If for you this is not hamradio, because you are using a commercial network for voice transport, I respect you, but… The way I see it? A hamradio OM, on a relaxing train ride, with a cute radio-like handheld, talking to other hams, on the other side of the ocean. For me, this is nothing but “hamradioing“.
Enjoy your ride!

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  1. there are many ways for Hams to communicate, internet is another way to communicate with another hams around the world.

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