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TM7 WiFi and GSM external antenna mod

For the ones with wifi problems on the TM7; this is a photo manual that a good friend of mine made. I will try to translate te text on the pics as good as possible. The reason for the bad signal is simple: inside the antenna is simply not connected.

1 – Remove the tape and plastics. Afterwards you will see the whole motherboard.

2 – Plastic and tape that needs to be removed.

3 – Be careful when removing the tape. The connector can be damaged easily.

4 – Motherboard ready to tweak.

5 – GSM, Wifi and GPS (connected to external)

6 – End of antenna and connector.

7 – You can clearly see the connector that we will connect to the GSM or wifi connector on the board.

8 – The TM7 does seem to have an internal GSM antenna. The connection on the outside is not connected to GSM.

9 – The TM7 does seem to have an internal wifi antenna. De connector on the outside is clearly not meant for wifi.

10 – You have 2 possibilities now:
1- External to GSM
2-External to wifi

Depending on how you will use the device you will have to choose on what to connect.

11 – In this case we chose to connect wifi. You can easily change this later on.

Credits: This photo report has been made by Marcel Goedemans and translated by Filip Everaert

2 thoughts on “TM7 WiFi and GSM external antenna mod

  1. I am a little confused … The TM7 has an external antenna connector marked GSM.
    Is this connected to anything ? The article suggests that the internal GSM antenna is all there is .Can anyone enlighten me ?

    I have bought an external aerial but in truth it doesn’t really perform any better wether it is connected or not …?

    Jerry. G0CUO

    1. Jerry,

      The coax cable for GSM in the TM-7 is standard NOT connected.
      Since there is indeed an internal antenna present, they do not have the coax connected on the motherboard.
      Must of the people use the TM-7 without a external antenna.
      Just follow the instructions above but be very careful, the connection on the board can easily be destroyed.
      After these steps, your TM-7 will get perfect reception with a external antenne.
      Be aware that after this modification you will always have to use an external antenna otherwise you have a chance of damaging the board.

      Manu – ON7FQ

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