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The new 4G Radio from Inrico has been released

The new Inrico T320 is now shipping. It offers 4G LTE and it is the first Android 7.0 based network radio with 80-hour stand-by time! They know what they are doing. 3000 units are ready to ship. Do you want one? Order now!

7 thoughts on “The new 4G Radio from Inrico has been released

  1. Is irn Instaled on the Raido? Iam a ham and I was just wounding how it worked that iam going to get inrco T320. Thanks

    1. At the moment, to use TeamSpeak with IRN, you need to use the touchscreen PTT button. Soon, a new release will solve this.
      The radio works fine with Zello and Echolink, out of the box.

  2. Hi Duarte
    Looking at the T298s vs the T320.
    Is it worth loosing the uhf radio for 4G in the UK?

    1. Honestly, yes. it’s not only 4G. it’s also the first Android 7.0 radio. The T298s is 6.0

  3. Well what can i say.. Duarte and Network Radios have been amazing.. I bought my T320 which soon found to have some minor bugs as it was new, Anyway after a couple of emails to and from each other and some great advice Duarte and Inrico where on the fix with in Days.

    Now i have a awesome T320 Network Radio working like a dream and if it wasn’t for Duartes great customer service and understanding then this would not have happened.

    I would recommend the T320 as a must have and awesome Network Radio.

    Thank you and i look forward to working you on the networks

    Craig (M3HBI)

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