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IRN – International Radio Network

What is the IRN?

The IRN (International Radio Network) is a VoIP/RoIP system using Teamspeak 3 (TS3) that allows radio users to TX/RX using RF around the World using  different devices (Mobile Phones, Tablets, Computers etc) for free.

The system also allows users to create private talkgroups for point to point or private group QSO’s.
If you would like to add your link, repeater or hub to the IRN system, please use the contact us section to drop us a line.
TS3 is available on Apple, Android, PC, Mac and Linux. The IRN has it’s own private server allowing hundreds of connections at once. There are different talkgroups (channels) within that allow users full RX/TX capabilities across different radio networks and systems from across the globe.
To make it more interesting, you can use PTT-enabled smartphones like the ones listed below. Most of the hams use PTT-enabled phones, so they can use the IRN with the same style as they use a handheld radio. The IRN talk groups can be accessed via GPRS / 3G / 4G / Wifi or RF (depending on the repeaters).

Is this still hamradio? Read this article.

Please note: This system is free to use for both non-licensed* & licensed hams. Live ham-radio repeaters can only be accessed by licensed hams.

*Non-licensed users must apply for membership of IRN in order to have a callsign generated for them (Don’t worry, it’s also free).

The following devices have a dedicated PTT button that will make your experience even better when using the IRN.

Watch a demo video

Live QSO using IRN with a Mobile Radio – Inrico TM-7

2 thoughts on “IRN – International Radio Network

  1. Hello. I have s Sure F25 and have Zello and IRN apps. When I press the ptt button to speak on IRN the Zello app opens. How can I stop this happening please?

    1. Hi, Mark.

      That is an anoying function from the last Zello release. You need to do the following (I did that with my F22): Assign the PTT button to Team Speak 3 and, on Zello, remove the PTT Button. Then, map a new button for PTT on Zello, that can be, for example, the SOS button.
      If you use more Zello than TS3, maybe you can do it the other way round.

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