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Zello while driving

Zello radio in the car

In order to facilitate cell use during driving and to make it safer, a Bluetooth PTT button can be used when using a mobile phone.

In the illustrated example, a Samsung Galaxy S7 was used with a “Auto Bluetooth Media Button” from XCSource.
Both devices can be easily coupled and work flawlessly.
The play / pause key has been defined as a send key and operates (depending on the setting) in PTT as well as in toggle mode.
Also, the volume buttons are in function and allow the adjustment of the mobile volume.

The included accessories allow direct attachment (by clip) to the steering wheel. The hand does not have to leave the steering wheel while pressing the PTT button.

Alternatively, the Mediabutton can also be glued at a suitable location (using adhesive tape supplied).

After the first tests, the combination of mobile phone with Mediabutton and integration into the vehicle media center (to increase the receiver volume) is a useful solution for mobile cell operation!

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