Inrico T320 4G/Wifi (Android unlocked)

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This version has pure Android. Beware of competition who sells firmware versions that will not allow to install apps from the PlayStore.

Check other Live channels. This radio will ship with Zello pre-installed.
If you need this radio for business, then you should consider to use Zello Work (from $61.20/yr) or PTT4U (from $59.00/yr)

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This network radio is fully compatible with the International Radio Network (IRN) and with the new Echolink for Android.

Is this still hamradio? Read this article.

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What if you could have a walkie talkie app on your phone? Let us introduce you the best walkie talkie app ever made: Zello is walkie talkie app for android, iphone, IOS and there is also zello for PC.

This radio-like smartphone has a PTT that will key up the transmitter. As far as you have a dataplan or a WiFi connection, then you have yourself a two way walkie talkie app with worldwide range.

First, download the Zello app. Then, just press your zello PTT button and you will be heard!

You can have 1-to-1 private communications, or 1-to-many communications on a private zello channel. There are also many public zello channels, with different purposes, around the world.

Some hamradio RF networks are connected to Zello private channels. With such, if you are a licensed ham, then you can stay online with zello and have QSO’s with your ham friends. There are many zellos worldwide. Would you like to become one? 🙂

Operation system Android 7.0

Platform MTK 6737WM


Extended Memory optional Up to 32GB

Screen TP display G+F Multi Touch

Battery capacity 3500mAh Polymer

Camera Front Camera 2.0MP,Back Camera 8.0MP,Automatic focus

Standby time More than 80 Hours

Speaker + Mic 32Diameter speaker

Dual-chamber body

GPS+Compass Yes



MICRO 5PIN date cable

Media player

Supporting MP3/MP4

Each package contains:

1 x T320 Phone Radio

1 x Battery

1 x Antenna

1 x USB Charger Cable

1 x AC Adaptor

1 x Belt Clip

1 x User GuideBelt Clip

1 x User Guide (Donwload here)

5 reviews for Inrico T320 4G/Wifi (Android unlocked)

  1. ian (verified owner)

    The Inrico T320 is a robust solid Ptt unit , its android 7.0 system runs zello , IRN , Ptt apps really well . with its 4G lite connection and wifi , so use a data sim or tether to your mobile and be connected.
    The units battery has a long life and can be used as a phone as well , the Inrico unit is as great bit of kit to have . and i recommend it .
    A speaker mic is an addition to have esp when mobile ,
    another great unit from network radio .

    Thanks guys

  2. CT1EIZ

    I tried all of the network radios, believe me! This one is my favorite so far. Now that the PTT bug is fixed for Team speak, this radio is my everyday unit and I use it as my LTE WiFi Hotspot. I use a SIM with an unlimited dataplan.

  3. Craig

    Well what can i say.. Duarte and Network Radios have been amazing.. I bought my T320 which soon found to have some minor bugs as it was new, Anyway after a couple of emails to and from each other and some great advice Duarte and Inrico where on the fix with in Days.

    Now i have a awesome T320 Network Radio working like a dream and if it wasn’t for Duartes great customer service and understanding then this would not have happened.

    I would recommend the T320 as a must have and awesome Network Radio.

    Thank you and i look forward to working you on the networks

    Craig (M3HBI)

  4. John G0GCQ

    Well, after watching YouTube videos and speaking to Chris (MoonrakerUK) on Sunday at the Rainham Radio Rally, I am *so* pleased that I purchased the T320 ~ it is amazing.

    It is so well built, the battery is great, and the audio out is really good. I am very impressed with this. I mainly use IRN but I am also registered with Zello.

    I am looking forward to the versatility of this device, mimicking a radio in terms of portability and ease of use (e.g. PTT), whilst giving me the chance to speak around the world …… even when there is no WiFi available.

    I definitely recommend this to anyone interested in digital coms 🙂

  5. topgun26g (verified owner)

    What a great Radio T320 is and would highly recommend it battery life is just so good and the audio quality is just top class and the built quality is top class .
    I would just like to say that the service that I have received from Net Work Radios is just top class the best service that I have seen in a long time.
    Would definitely recommend Network Radios for there service and quality of there product.

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