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My favourite Network Radios from 2017

I tried many network radios. So far, the Inrico TM-7 and the Talkpod N58 are my top choices! I have a feeling that in 2018, network radios will be the big hype of amateur radio! And you, which one is your favourite?

The Inrico TM-7 wins for its innovative mobile concept. A simple almost-obvious concept that is a hell of an idea! Robust and well designed. I must congratulate Inrico for their inspiration!

The Talkpod N58 was released in the last days of the year and I am already 100% convinced. First, it has a modern design. Second, the audio quality makes some Yaesu or Icom almost feel embarrassed. I doubt if a Motorola will sound better than this Talkpod. Bear in mind that these radios are targeting the professional market. The details, the design, everything has been built with impressive detail and high quality materials. It’s not the cheapest radio out there, but it is worth every single cent!

I am really excited with this new concept and, from me, you can always expect my passion on this job and my commitment and best efforts to give you an outstanding support. Thanks for all your trust along this amazing year!

I wish you a Happy New Year fulfilled with health, love and some money – to buy some radios 🙂

73 de CT1EIZ
Duarte Braga


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